Off to the Outback

So, city life was becoming a little much for me so I decided to take a break from Sydney and head north to Queensland. I booked my ticket, packed my bag, hung up my work boots….wait I packed my work boots as I am going to work on a farm for 10 days! I am […]

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I can’t believe it has been over a month since my last blog! Lots has gone on since then and I will go back and cover some of it but until then here is a taster of what I got up to today! Ed, Ellie (otherwise known as Pommie) and our friend Naomi, who is […]

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Switchboard – Coffee shop

One of the best things I discovered on the walking tour of Melbourne I did on Monday was a quirky coffee shop, well coffee cupboard called Switchboard. Located in the Manchester Unity Arcade on Collins Avenue, it is tucked away at the back almost out of the way. They have no website, no phone number, […]

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Piano in the library

I have just returned from the public library here in Melbourne. As I first walked in the door I heard classical piano music playing but it had a certain quality to it that told me it was not recorded but live. It turns out that there is. Piano on the first floor of the library […]

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