Blue Man Group Tour 2016 – St Louis, MO – Stopover

City: St Louis, MS
Distance travelled: 421 miles
Total distance: 25,219 miles
Theatre: N/A

St Louis-6

Today was a stopover and and probably one of the most fun packed I have had on tour in as long as I can remember!

St Louis

After and early lunch with some of the peeps we headed to the City Museum.  That place is incredible.  It is like a giant playground for adults as well as kids.  There are crazy, massive, high slides and climbing frames and underground caves and an enormous and beautiful pipe organ.  We were lucky enough to be there on a day when they were maintaining the organ so we stood and chatted the guy looking after it and he played some songs for us using the computer control system thing!

St Louis-3

St Louis-4 St Louis-2

We all came away with bruised knees and bumps on our heads from climbing through tunnels and over walls and along cages suspended 100 feet above the ground…so you know it was a good day.

St Louis-5

No trip to St Louis is complete without at least taking a look at the arch!  The area surrounding it was being developed so we could not get too close but it was great to see it up close after having only driven by it in the past

St Louis-7

We were exhausted.  But not too exhausted to grab tickets to a baseball game and watch the Cardinals in the evening and enjoy some $9 beers!  Pretty good end to a brilliant day.

St Louis-9

2 thoughts on “Blue Man Group Tour 2016 – St Louis, MO – Stopover

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit to my hometown. Thanks for touching on some of the highlights. One quick clarification: St. Louis is in Missouri, the postal abbreviation of which is MO, not MS, which is Mississippi.

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