Switchboard – Coffee shop

One of the best things I discovered on the walking tour of Melbourne I did on Monday was a quirky coffee shop, well coffee cupboard called Switchboard. Located in the Manchester Unity Arcade on Collins Avenue, it is tucked away at the back almost out of the way.

They have no website, no phone number, just very good coffee and friendly staff. Ed and I have only been there a few times but already we feel like regulars. Jo and Joe we running things when I was there this afternoon. I was unfortunate enough to miss the soup which, from what I have heard is fantastic, different every day, made fresh on the premises and sells out almost immediately.

Jo, who was taking the orders this afternoon, is from the north of England and finds time to have a chat between writing things on cups, taking money and serving up the strong tasty coffee.

It also has the best chocolate brownies I have had for a while.

Switchboard Cafe on Urbanspoon

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