I can’t believe it has been over a month since my last blog! Lots has gone on since then and I will go back and cover some of it but until then here is a taster of what I got up to today!

Ed, Ellie (otherwise known as Pommie) and our friend Naomi, who is visiting from Miami, headed off early yesterday morning to Gerringong. Kevin, my cousin had kindly offered us the use of his family’s caravan and we jumped at the chance. We spent the day driving down the coast, stopping at a few places along the way, cooked a BBQ last night and then played cards and a few drinking games before hitting the sack ready for our big day today – surfing!

We had a blast. There were about 60 people at the surf camp who were all there for the week. We were just joining for the first lesson. Because we were just joining for one lesson, we got our own private coach, Rudy, who was fantastic. He made sure all of us knew the basic technique and got us standing up by holding out board for the first time we tried but he soon got us standing up on our own!

Each of us managed to stand up and ride some waves a bunch of times, in fact that was probably the easy bit! The hard bit was fighting the current and the waves to get back out into the surf!






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