JMBLYA Festival – Dallas & Austin – May 2017

I have learned over the years that when you get the call from Ed Gregory, you say yes!  Diving with sharks, death rides through Bangkok and chartering small planes in Mexico are just a few of the countless adventures we have had over the years.  So when he asked me to go to Texas with […]

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Video for Bang Candy

I have been working with the wonderful Bang Candy Company in Nashville, TN to create some video content for their website.  Here is what we came up with for their delicious Honeycomb Toffee!

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Sydney – By the Skin of my Teeth

I made the most last minute journey to Australia that I have ever made.  I booked my ticket at 7pm on the Sunday and left at 10am Monday morning. It was completely worth it as I got to see my girlfriend, Daisy.  The reason why I was making a trip at such short notice is […]

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Tunnelton High Gym – Urbex

Daisy and I were staying in a wonderful Airbnb near Bedford, Indiana when the lady who owned the property told us about the abandoned High School Gym across the way.  Of course, we went to explore. Advertisements

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Blue Man Group Tour 2016 – Morgantown, WV

City: Morgantown, WV Distance travelled: 332 miles Total distance: 25,912 miles Theatre: WVU Creative Arts Center Another one nighter! This time we were staying in a hotel that was only really accessible by car (I know this because I walked to the outlet mall nearby and was nearly hit by a car!) and there was […]

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Blue Man Group Tour 2016 – Richmond, KY

City: Richmond, KY Distance travelled: 361 miles Total distance: 25,580 miles Theatre: EKU Center for the Performing Arts This was the 2nd day in a very long week for us.  By the end of this week we would have been to 5 different cities.  One of the busiest I can remember.  We were staying  a ways […]

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Blue Man Group Tour 2016 – St Louis, MO – Stopover

City: St Louis, MS Distance travelled: 421 miles Total distance: 25,219 miles Theatre: N/A Today was a stopover and and probably one of the most fun packed I have had on tour in as long as I can remember! After and early lunch with some of the peeps we headed to the City Museum.  That place […]

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