Sydney – By the Skin of my Teeth

I made the most last minute journey to Australia that I have ever made.  I booked my ticket at 7pm on the Sunday and left at 10am Monday morning. It was completely worth it as I got to see my girlfriend, Daisy.  The reason why I was making a trip at such short notice is […]

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Munich – Oct 14

I thought I had lost these photos! I had filed them away on a hard drive somewhere then lost track of them only to find them this week!  I am so glad because it was such a great weekend. Anyhow, back in October 2014 I went to visit my dear friend Naomi when she was […]

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Abandoned Detroit

During my stay in nearby Clinton Township, MI my tour manager, Jack Stephens, and I took a trip to Detroit. Last year when we were in Detroit, Jack stuck up a friendship Bob who runs an incredible website called  Bob is seasoned urban explorer and was kind enough to show us some the spots he […]

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