Blue Man Group Tour 2016 – Overland Park, KS

City: Overland Park, KS
Distance travelled: 321 miles
Total distance: 8,842 miles
Theatre: Carlson Center

Overland park

I had been looking forward to playing Overland Park as we were to be staying in downtown Kansas City.  I had heard great things about the city for years not least because I have 2 dear friends that live there, more of them later.

The venue was about a 30 minute drive from our hotel but it was great to be able to stay in such a vibrant, exciting city.  They have some great bars and restaurant and the music scene is brilliant. I saw some brilliant jazz but the talented and generous Mark Lowrey (generous as he was kind enough to let me sit in and sing with him) at The Majestic.

We took a cold and snowy walk went and looked round the impressive Union Station.  It is a beautiful building, built in 1914 back when they built beautiful things, and is still used today for Amtrak trains.  They have massive model railways and a science museum…it was like being a big kid!

This weekend saw the return of Kinky Rhino, the band made of members of our own touring team.  They played a killer gig at The Brick to an adoring crowd and I was there to take some photos…and also sing a number for them!

Kinky Rhino - Kansas City-2 Kinky Rhino - Kansas City

I also had a chance to catch up with two very good friends of mine, Erin and Jeff.  Jeff and I worked together almost a decade ago back in Chicago.  We were part of, what was said by some to have been, the greatest band in the world…ever, ‘The Gentlemen’s Club‘.  Anyhow he and Erin have started another great band called Victor and Penny and I was able to go and see them play.Victor and Penny - Kansas City-3 Victor and Penny - Kansas City Victor and Penny - Kansas City-2

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