Blue Man Group Tour 2016 – Mexico City

City: Mexico City, Mexico
Distance travelled: 287 miles
Total distance: 287 miles
Theatre: Centro Cultural Teatro

The journey from Guadalajara to Mexico City was a smooth one.  We arrived late in the day and I snuck out for tacos before hitting the sack.  I made the most of being in Mexico city and loved every minute of it.

Mexico City-25

Like Guadalajara the week before, our show was so well received.  The audiences were incredible.  It makes such a difference as a Blue Man to play to responsive audiences and these were some of the best audiences I have ever played to.  Even outside the theatre, when people heard what we were there for, everyone we met was excited to talk about the show and welcome us to their city.

Mexico City

I don’t think that I have seen traffic as bad as I saw here.  Not in London, Sicily, Bali, Bangkok…anywhere.  There was a main road which ran by our hotel and which I could see from my hotel window and I don’t think there was one moment during the whole week I was there that it wasn’t at a standstill!  I certainly noticed a difference in the air quality.

Mexico City-10

I was lucky that I have a friend, Mercedes, who lives in Mexico City.  I owe most of my sightseeing adventures to her and her willingness to help me be a tourist.

We hit up the Palacio De Bellas Artes and the Torre Latinoamericana at first.  The Palace of Fine Arts is such a beautiful building. We were not able to go into the house but the outside and the lobby areas were breath taking. and the view from the top of the Torre Latinoamericana was stunning but it made it easy to see the pour air quality in the city as there was a layer of smog which hung around.

Mexico City-15 Mexico City-5

I had a tip from a buddy to go to El Moro for churros, one of the oldest such places in the city.  I love churros and these were some of the best I have ever had.  The kitchen is open and you can see them making the sugary treats right in front of you.

Mexico City-11 Mexico City-13 Mexico City-14

One of the highlights of the week was visiting Frida Kahlo’s house.  I was familiar with her mainly due to some of the iconic portrait and self portraits that exist of her but it fascinating to learn more about her very trouble and challenging life.  There were exquisite examples of her work and her costumes on display.

Mexico City-18 Mexico City-17

I had such an amazing time in Mexico.  It reignited my interest in learning Spanish and warmed my heart at how welcoming and friendly the people are there.  Rarely have I travelled to a place where I have felt so at home.  It certainly helped that I had a good friend to show me round but I would have been just as comfortable wandering around on my own and bumbling through conversations.  The food, the music, the cultural heritage, the beautiful buildings; all of these things helped me find a new appreciation for a country which I had barely scratched the surface of before now.  I have still only just started to scratch a little deeper but I know that I will go back as soon as possible and immerse my self in that wonderful country.

Mexico City-20 Mexico City-19 Mexico City-16 Mexico City-9 Mexico City-3 Mexico City-4 Mexico City-6

Mexico City-4 Mexico City-7

Mexico City-12

Mexico City-21

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