Munich – Oct 14

I thought I had lost these photos! I had filed them away on a hard drive somewhere then lost track of them only to find them this week!  I am so glad because it was such a great weekend.

Anyhow, back in October 2014 I went to visit my dear friend Naomi when she was working in Munich.  Ordinarily she lives in Miami but she and her performance partner, Stephanie, had a secured a contract to perform their aerial act at a show in Germany.  I had an amazing time; bratwurst, beer, theatre, cityscapes, river surfing (just watching no doing!) and hikes in the Alps.

Munich Oct 14-12 Munich Oct 14-13 Munich Oct 14-10 Munich Oct 14-11 Munich Oct 14-7 Munich Oct 14-8 Munich Oct 14-6 Munich Oct 14-5 Munich Oct 14 Munich Oct 14-3 Munich Oct 14-4 Munich Oct 14-2


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