Cooking Class In Bali

The highlight of my week in Bali was, without a doubt, the cooking class I did.  I was inspired my Sister, Claire, who did a similar thing when she was in Bali and raved about it. I happened to walk past a restaurant called Cafe Wayan on Monkey Forest Road in Ubud and by chance a […]

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Bali – Padang Bai

I have been in Bali about 4 days but it only took me about 5 minutes to realise that it is beautiful. I have been staying in Padang Bai, a small, quiet town in the south east of the island. Being as it is the low season there are not that many people around. I […]

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The train journey was not quite what we had expected. We had paid for a compartment with a private toilet and shower and found that the carriage had been taken out of service. So we found ourselves, still in a sleeper cabin not quite as comfortable as expected. As ususal the air con was stuck […]

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1 Day in KL

After the journey of the day before, well 2 days before, there was no question that we would sleep well. We did just that but not for too long. After a quick call to mum and dad I managed to get to bed around 1.30 only to be woken by my alarm clock at 6.30. […]

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The Never Ending Journey

Tuesday 5th July – Trip to KL Part the first: cab to the pier 1958 – 84F the cab, well, open back van thing, has picked us up early and we are on the way with a couple of Norwegians to the pier to catch the night boat to Suratthani. It’s hot and it is […]

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