1 Day in KL

After the journey of the day before, well 2 days before, there was no question that we would sleep well. We did just that but not for too long. After a quick call to mum and dad I managed to get to bed around 1.30 only to be woken by my alarm clock at 6.30. Unfortunately, there was no other choice. If we wanted to go up the Twin Towers at the KLCC, otherwise known as the Petronas towers we had to be inline by 8am at the latest as they only sell a certain amount of tickets each day.

After a questionable breakfast at our rather nice, yet cheap hotel we we on the train an made it to the line by 8.45 to find 250 people in front of us. Actually there were far more than than but they hand out a number to only 1 person from each party who goes to the front to buy the tickets to keep the queue shorter.
2 and a half hours later, we reach the front and find that all the tickets to the observation deck had been sold. But we could still go the bridge that links the 2 towers at 2pm that afternoon. By this point we were almost delirious with hunger and stiff as a board from standing/sitting/slouching for so long that we took what we could get then headed for coffee.

It was at this point that it hit us that we were so dog tired that we abandoned all out travellers instincts and decided to stay in the giant shopping mal for the rest of the day, go up the towers, watch a movie and then later go and get the train to Singapore. Kind of lame, I guess seeing as we are in this amazing city but at this point it was hard to see through the haze and all we wanted was a bit of good old fashioned, western normalcy.

We gazed around the shops long enough to ascertain that they are all more expensive than London then found a coffee shop, got a coffee and some cake and set about sucking their free wifi dry until it was time to go the sky bridge.



As bad as I feel saying this, the sky bridge was pretty underwhelming. Somebody had clearly thought it was a good idea to turn the air con up to 11, it was kind of grey and misty outside and we were cold! 10 minutes into out allotted time we tried to go down but found we could only go with the 25 or so other people that were with us.

It was not a complete loss however. We managed to make friends with 3 nice young ladies who all work in Bromley, a town just down the road from me. Charlotte, Olivia and Cat had each packed their jobs in and gone travelling. It also transpired that Charlotte’s brother was a recent alumni of my old school and that she lives just down the road from me.


The 5 of us headed back to our coffee shop (I say our coffee shop as after spending 5 hours in an establishmen I believe it is fair to claim one ownership of it) and spent the rest of the afternoon discussing our travels up to this point and what we may be doing in the future. Turns out were all heading to Australia this weekend so no doubt our paths will cross again.

We said our goodbyes, they headed off to the night market to take in some of the local cultural sights and we headed to the cinema to see Mr Popper’s Penguins. A fine piece of cinema. Here, it felt like the theatre managers were trying to emulate the natural habitat of the penguins in the movie as the theatre was probably only just warmer than the artic itself.
After the movie, it was back to the hotel, grab our bags, then off to the train station to get the train to singapore!


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