Day 2 Singapore – a quick run down

Sinapore part deux

Just a quickie awoke late after missing breakfast and checking that our internal organs had not been boiled during the night due to the lack of air con. Apparently they have the opposite idea here to the malaysians about climate control.

Botanic gardens – beautiful

Art at the Ritz Carlton hotel, this was fantastic and free. The iPod audio guide they give you is interesting and informative. Didn’t get to see the Warhol as there was an event in the room it was in. We did, however, pinch a cup of coffee from the event.

Raffles, something of an anti climax, but I am glad I saw it again. It is a love colonial building. I would have liked to have eaten there but we were short of time so it was back to little India to grab our bags and an amazing curry in a nearby restaurant then off to the airport.

The Asian leg of the journey was coming to an end…next stop..Australia






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