All Aboard The Red Baron

Today we had the pleasure of accompanying The awesome Fiona Russo and her band of merry teachers and friends on a sailing boat trip from Koh Samui. We boarded the boat at 1pm sharp and after the briefest of safety briefings, we were off!

We were to sail from Koh Samui to koh phangan, have a walk on the beach there then head back.
Thanks to Fiona, for around 20quid, we had all the food we could eat, entry of drinks and enough money to spare for a drink in the bar on koh phangan on board of a beautiful new boat.20110705-014952.jpg20110705-015036.jpg

Once we arrived at koh phangan the an was to either swim or take the dinghy to the shore. All was going smoothly until the second dinghy trip. Myself, fiona, simon and to other ladies (I have forgotten your names, sorry) were on this second trip and after a failed attempt to make it ashore via some steps cut into the rocks due to large waves, we started to make our way to the beach to land there. Unfortunately things didn’t go quite according to plan and as we turned to head for shore, a massive wave hit us side on and we capsized. Luckily we we just far enough from the rocks for them not to be a danger but the water level was over over my head which was not a problem for simon, Fiona and me as we can swim but the 2 Thai girls could not. Simon and I swept them up and made for the shore. It was not an easy journey as the current was very strong and the waves kept crashing over our heads but we made it to shore safely with just a few cuts on our feet from the rocks to show and everyone was safe. I had lost my sunglasses though, but I guess that is a small price to pay.

After all the excitement died down we headed for the bar and joined a bunch of people that had already been up partying for 2 days.

There was a fantastic hand made walkway leading from the beach to the bar

After boarding a larger water taxi to make our way back to the Red Barron it was back on board and back to Samui to see the sunset. We made it just in time to avoid the torrential rain which arrived minutes after we landed.
Wonderful time was had by all, thanks Fiona.



3 thoughts on “All Aboard The Red Baron

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