Blue Man Group Tour 2015 – Hamilton and London, ON, Canada

City: Hamilton and London, ON, Canada
Distance travelled: 464 miles
Total distance: 13, 164 miles
Theatre: Hamilton – Hamilton Place Theater | London – Budweiser Gardens


Hamilton1Our trip to Canada was not quite as exciting as I thought it would be.  In Hamilton we were staying way on the edge of town it was freezing cold so I barely left the hotel other than to walk to the Tim Hortons in the Walmart across the other side of the industrial estate our hotel was located in.  The shows we did there went really well and the audiences we lovely.  Particularly in meet and greet; so polite!


LondonIn London I got sick! I apart from the time I spent going to work or grabbing food before the show, I spent the entire time in bed!  It was kind of disappointing as, although we were staying in a lovely hotel (the jacuzzi in my bathroom was a bonus!) the surrounding area was pretty cool.  There were some nice cafe’s and bars which i did not get to explore.  Although I did pass by Covent Garden Market…not the real one!



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