Blue Man Group Tour 2015 – Lancaster, PA

City: Lancaster, PA
Distance travelled: 100 miles
Total distance: 12, 700 miles
Theatre: American Music Theater


Amish Country. I had heard about this part of the country and seen it on TV but I still had to look twice when I saw a horse and trap going along the main road. The Amish community are big part of the area surrounding Lancaster. I wish the weather had been better as I would have like to had gone an explored a little more but unfortunately it rained most of the time.

Lancaster-4 Lancaster-3

LancasterI did get a chance to briefly get a look at some Amish furniture and sample some of their ‘shoo fly pie’ (it was quite good0 during the weekend.

The shows were all sold out and they went really well. People were so friendly and polite in meet and greet after the show which is not always the case.

We finished up and hopped on the bus. We were heading North…to Canada!


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