Blue Man Group Tour 2015 – Providence, RI

City: Providence, RI
Distance travelled: 703 miles
Total distance: 12, 204 miles
Theatre: Providence Performing Arts Center


ProvidenceGetting off the plane and onto the bus which took us to the hotel was a shock to the system. It was about 70 degrees colder than Florida and we got some snow while we were in town to boot!

Our hotel was located right by the picturesque downtown area. Some of the buildings had been there for a couple of hundred years, which is pretty old by American standards!

We found a great bar called Faust, a German style beer hall, which became our regular haunt for our time in Providence. I had some incredible bratwurst and schnitzel there. Probably the best I have ever had outside of Germany.

Providence-3The theatre was one of the most beautiful we had performed in thus far and continued to make me feel appreciative for being able to play so many beautiful houses.

Providence-7The Providence Performing Arts Center was opened in 1928 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1977. You can see the entrance to the theatre from hundreds of feet away on account of the striking neon sign on the front of the building. The house itself was spectacular, with ornate gold balconies and beautiful chandeliers. I am just glad that we managed to avoid damaging any of the chandeliers during our finale.

One American theatrical tradition I was not aware of when I started the tour was the way that the touring shows leave their mark in many of the theatres that we have visited. Each show paints on the wall the logo of a scene from Providence-4their show and the cast and crew sign it. The theater in Providence had some of the best examples of these. In addition to the Blue Man Group one that was there from the first time the show visited providence there were paintings from many other shows including Once, Young Frankenstein, Jersey Boys and Les Miserables. There was a lot of work put into some of these, they are a great way to brighten up the backstage area of a theatre, somewhere that can sometimes be rather drab and dreary.


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