Blue Man Group Tour 2015 – Tallahassee, FL

City: Tallahassee, FL
Distance travelled: 393 miles
Total distance: 11, 501 miles
Theatre: Donald Tucker Civic Center Arena


This was our last stop in the warm weather of the Southern part of the United States. We made the most of being able to walk around without thermals on!

Tallahassee-11We were staying a little ways out of the town but made my way in to the city to watch the West Ham game in a bar and spent an afternoon taking a look around. The state legislature began its session the day we arrived so there were a lot of people in suits wandering around trying to look official!




We performed in the basketball arena at Florida State University. This was the best arena we had played so far. The sides were so tall that it was like performing in a cauldron and it was hot!

TallahasseeWhen we came out onto the stage it was as if we stepped into a sauna However, Instead of that being a problem it actually helped contribute to one of the best shows I had experienced on tour. The heat seemed to loosen everyone up onstage and in the audience and the reaction we got was fantastic. It was the kind of crowd I love to perform to, they were engaged and boisterous enough to really get involved and give us something back but at the same time respectful and interested. By the end of the show it really felt like a big party at the end of a journey we had all been on.

That show was a great way to leave the state of Florida and a brilliant send off for our journey back to the North East; Providence, Rhode Island.


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