Blue Man Group Tour 2015 – Schenectady, NY

City: Schenectady, NY
Distance travelled: 179 miles
Total distance: 12, 383 miles
Theatre: Proctor’s Theater


It was only a few hours from Providence to Schenectady so we got I didn’t bother sleeping but stayed awake and got of the bus went we arrived at the hotel. The downtown area when there the hotel was located was pretty cool with a lot of independent cafes, coffee shops and stores but a few streets away from the main drag it got a little sketchy so I tried to avoid this part of town.

IMG_3466It just so happened that my birthday fell when during our stay here. I had a lovely day. I woke up and spoke to my family in London and then went and got myself a shave and a hair cut at a barbershop. The barber, Jorge, was a lovely bloke and even offered to drive me back to the hotel when he had finished. In the evening a did the show then went to the Backstage Bar behind the theatre, the regular place for the visiting shows as well as the local crew.   I don’t remember much after that other than I got a free drink called a fishbowl which was a giant glass filled with any drink I wanted.

Both the theatre in Providence and the theatre in Schenectady, the Proctor’s Theatre were two of the best looking theatres we had performed in up until that point. The Proctor’s was built around the same time as the Providence Performing Arts Center and while both had undergone many changes of ownership had and endured varying states of disrepair, they both had been restored to be fine examples of how theatres used to be built and how I wish they were still built these days.Schenectady-2

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