When in LA…

I dropped a line to some friends of mine in LA to let them know I would be there.  The first response I got was from Kristen Studard.  About a year ago I had spent 5 days in a car with Kristen when I help her move from Chicago to LA.  A drive that was, all in all, pretty awesome and I was looking forward to seeing her again.  She got straight back to me to say that she was filming something for her KStudio project and would I like to be in it.

Kristen has set herself the challenge of making or doing ‘something’ each week; everything from making a complex meal to start a garden.  Of course, I never say no to any silliness like that. so, 3 hours after I landed in LA at 6.30am after a 13 hour flight from Australia I found myself at Kristen’s apartment prancing around like a mad thing.  This week’s challenge: Choreograph a Dance

and here is the result…


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