Back at Bodalla

It was a little over 2 years ago when I made my way up to Northern Queensland to embark upon an adventure that I would never forget.  Actually, It would be very hard for me to forget Bodalla Station and the Jackson family, just outside Charters Towers, due to the scars I have on my leg from the 41 stitches I received after hitting a barbed wire fence on a quad bike.  However, in comparison to the injury that Warren, the patriarch of the Jackson family, sustained, mine was just a scratch.  He cut his throat on the same fence…If you want to know more about that, you will have to read that post!

I digress…

I have stayed in touch with Robert, Genine and young Mack over the last couple of years and have been itching for the chance to get back up there.  I had told my parents all about my adventures on Bodalla and the great times I spent with the Jackson family and they decided to come along too for a couple of days.

Bodalla - December 2013-44-3

Dad and I rode out on the quad bike I was riding when I hit the fence.  We went back to the scene of the accident so I could get a proper look, this time I was going a little slower so there was much less chance of hitting it again.

Bodalla - December 2013-33 Bodalla - December 2013-32

We were all treated to some proper billy tea by Robert.  The tea is made over an open fire in a billy can, swagman style! It was brilliant and it was great to see Robert stir the tea by swinging it round and round!

Bodalla - December 2013-9 Bodalla - December 2013-13 Bodalla - December 2013-6

One of my favourite parts of visiting Bodalla is getting to ride the horses.  I got to work the cattle on horseback with Genine and go galloping through the creek bed.  Not something I get to do very often!  I even played a game of tag with Genine on the horses.

Bodalla - December 2013-30

I hope I don’t have to wait another 2 years before I get back there!

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