Around the World Again….AKA It’s been a while

So….2013 was a bad year for my Blog! I did not keep up with it as I should have done despite doing some really cool things.  I am going to go back and recap some of those at a later date…I promise (I am sure the 4 people who actually read this blog will be excited about that!).

Until then I am on another adventure.

At the start of December 2013, after spending 5 weeks on a ship in the middle of the North Sea working on the installation of a wind farm (it’s a long story) I embarked upon another journey.  This time I am circumnavigating the globe via the use of the aeroplane and the lovely Kim at Round the World Experts.  I left from London and headed East via Dubai to Sydney where my adventure began…over the next few blog posts I am going to let you know how that is going (or how it went…I am a little behind).

London – Sydney – Townsville – Brisbane – LA – Vegas – Nashville – Chicago – DC – New York – Miami

Stay tuned if you want to know more….

2 thoughts on “Around the World Again….AKA It’s been a while

  1. Looking forward to your update and all of your travel adventures! Safe journey!
    You need to visit Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. October would be good for that for Oktoberfest!

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