Belinda Middlebrook – Bondi Sessions

One of the highlights of my round the world trip in 2013/2014 was hanging out with my buddy and fellow Blue Man, Callum Grant for the weekend in Bondi.  He was staying with his friends, the lovely Rose and her room mate Belinda.  I went over there and we did the usual beach/beer/food/coffee/party stuff as well as sit around and play guitar and trade off a few songs.

It turned out that Belinda is a talented songwriter but had never recorded any of her songs.  It also turned out that I took my recording gear with me to Australia and was itching to use it.  Meeting Belinda and recording those songs was an incredible experience.  The songs themselves are simple, and beautiful and I was honoured to be able to work with Belinda at capturing her creations.  As well as getting Callum to play on the tracks at the time I later roped in friends of mine, Adam Petty and Charlie Wilcox, to add some more guitar and keyboards

What you can hear is the result of a lot of hours, quite a few beers, Chinese food, a good bit of team work and the fruition of Belinda’s inspiration.


One thought on “Belinda Middlebrook – Bondi Sessions

  1. Belinda you a beautiful, peaceful voice! You really need to have a CD made and I will definatley buy some for family and friends! Let me know when it is done! :o)
    Great work Dan and others!!!

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