Another Adventure…Again

After 3 months at home, the longest time I have spent at home in about 3 years, it is time to hit the road again.  It has been wonderful to spend so much time with my family but my bags are packed and it is time to go back to work.  I can’t believe it has come around so quickly.

The vital equipment

I get to prance around in Blue make up again for a while and visit Barcelona, then Naples, Civitavecchia, Livorno, Palma and Marseilles throughout the summer with, perhaps, a little trip to Istanbul tagged on the end.  Not to shabby.

I have tried to pack light but have two instruments to carry now that I have my banjo.  I have no idea how I am going to carry it all!


5 thoughts on “Another Adventure…Again

  1. Nice to see you’re going to be back ‘in Blue’ again – hope you can still remember what to do…or is it going to be the revamped version?
    Saw BMG in Las Vegas last week – ‘now with balls!’ – still love the show.

    1. Claire!!!!! So good to hear from you!! Luckily the show has not changed since i was last here! I the Med for the summer. not too shabby!
      Glad you liked the show in Vegas. I was just there earlier in the year and saw it.

  2. Hi Dan!
    We miss the Epic! Jeff, Vickey, Barkley and I (Terri) loved the BMG and we miss all you guys! I hung my paint ball picture in the livingroom. Lots of good memories. Thanks for making it special and giving us all fun times to remember. Jeff and Vickey enjoyed Howl at the Moon, even if you spilled your beer!!!

      1. Just wanted to let you know….I had received an email from Norwegian asking what we thought about the cruise and they wanted to know if there were staff or crew that went above and beyond service. I have given them your name and Scott, your band names, (Jesse, Patressio and Arnesto – hopefully I spelled the names correctly) and Allison and Ashley. I had also mentioned Armando that his smile and service were the best! I told them that Norwegian was very lucky to have such a great bunch of people! Let the others know and hope to see you all again sometime. If you are ever in Ontario, make sure to let me know and we would all love to see you again. I will let you know when Jeff and Vickey’s wedding is! lol!

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