Colour Run, Wembley Stadium, London

Today my sister, Claire and I took part in the London Colour Run.  It took place in the streets around Wembley Stadium.  It is the closest I have ever got to competing at Wembley in any kind of sporting event! What a day.  Mum and Dad came along for support and the sun was shining. […]

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Martha Reeves

This week I saw a Motown legend. I was invited to the opening of an exhibition at the Proud Gallery in Camden; Classic Motown: Invasion Begins.  I am lucky enough to have a Dad who got me into Motown music at a very young age and to this day it is my favourite music to […]

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The Olympics and the Paralympics were incredible!  Although the events are all finished now it will be a long time before anyone in London forgets about them.  Everything about the the games, in my opinion, was fantastic.  I could not get over how smoothly it all ran. I think there were a lot of people […]

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Tall Ships on the Thames

My family and some of our good friends recently had the pleasure of sailing on a tall ship down the River Thames in London. This is something that one is rarely ever able to do but as part of the Olympic Celebrations that have been taking place all over the capital and the entire country […]

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A Trip to Pompey with my Dad

This weekend my Dad and I headed to the South Coast to catch our team, West Ham United play away against Portsmouth. What an awesome day.  My mate Haydn had stayed over the night before (no funny business!) so we dropped him home on the way.  Other than that it was a great run down. I […]

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