Blue Man Group Tour 2016 – Memphis, TN

City: Memphis, TN
Distance travelled: 1096 miles
Total distance: 13,807 miles

Memphis, TN-4

It is a long way from Indiana to Louisiana so we made a stop over for the day in Memphis.  I had been to Memphis about 8 years ago and was pleased to go back.  We got to tour the Gibson factory, something which is of particular interest to me as I own a gibson guitar.

Memphis, TN-11

One of my old buddies, Matt, from Chicago got in touch when he saw I was in town and said he was working down the street at the Fedex Forum Arena, home of NBA team The Grizzlies.  He asked if we wanted to go and have a look around and I thought he might just sneak us in and show us the court from afar but no, we got to on the court and tool around for a few minutes.  It was brilliant.  We each had a go at touching the rim of the basket…I could barely get anywhere near it although Ethan had more luck.

The day was finished off with some good BBQ and live blues music before we left on the bus at 11pm for Shreveport, LA.

Memphis, TN-10 Memphis, TN-9 Memphis, TN-7 Memphis, TN-6

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