Blue Man Group Tour 2016 – Shreveport, LA

City: Shreveport, LA
Distance travelled: 346 miles
Total distance: 14,153 miles
Theatre: Shreveport Municipal Memorial Arena

Shreveport LA-5

Another one nighter.  I wasn’t actually in the show tonight but I watched from the back of the house.  It was a really interesting venue.  It was the place that Elvis made one of his earliest performances.  He can now say he has performed on the same stage as me.

Shreveport LA-8 Shreveport LA-6

Some time ago they had replaced the seats in the house and the basement was littered with the old wooden ones.  It also has a jail cell.  Well, not a real one, it was part of movie set a few years ago, but still pretty cool.

Shreveport LA-7

I walked around the town for a while in the afternoon and came across loads of beautiful murals and had some of the best Cajun food I have ever had!!

Shreveport LA Shreveport LA-2 Shreveport LA-3 Shreveport LA-4



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