Blue Man Group Tour 2016 – Muncie, IN

City: Muncie, IN
Distance travelled: 1096 miles
Total distance: 13,280 miles
Theatre: Emens Auditorium

Muncie IN

This was the first day of a pretty tough schedule over the next two weeks; 9 cities in 2 weeks.  The theatre is on the campus of Bell State University and I enjoyed walking around the campus.  However, what was intended to be a short walk to a barbers ended up being an epic 2 hour wild goose chase for a Google Maps ghost location…the less said about that the better.

The show was brilliant.  The energy from the crowd was really good.  I had spoken to a few people around the Campus during the day and several of them mentioned how much everyone was looking forward to having Blue Man Group play there and that was certainly reflected in how engaged the crowd was.

Muncie IN-2 Muncie IN-4Muncie IN-3

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