Blue Man Group Tour 2016 – Houston, TX

City: Houston, TX
Distance travelled: 257 miles
Total distance: 7,561 miles
Theatre: Jones Hall

Houston, TX-6

And just like that we were back in Texas; it was good to be back.  We pretty much sold out each of the shows we played here and the audiences were probably the best we have ever had! Texas represents every time!

I had found some fake moustaches in my gear so Friday became Moustache-Monday-on-a-Friday.

Houston, TX-4Houston, TX-5

The weather was beautiful on our first day, although it did get a little colder towards the end of the weekend. But the sun at the start meant we could get out and see a few things like the picturesque McGovern Centennial Gardens.

Houston, TX-3 Houston, TX-2Houston, TX

We had the pleasure of the company of our director Dave for the weekend.  He unexpectedly got to do some shows on our last day.  It was great to perform with him again for the fist time in 6 or 7 years and he brought a great energy to the show!

Houston, TX-7 Houston, TX-8

Also, we stayed in a hotel which looked like the inside of the Death Star!

Houston, TX-10Houston, TX-9




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