Blue Man Group Tour 2015 – The End

Well, that is it.  Its all finished.  20 States, 33 Cities nearly 17,000 miles and hundreds of shows.  What a treat.  What an honour.

I have got to play some of the most historic and beautiful theatres in the United States, I have incredible natural beauty all across the country and I got to work with some of the most talented, generous and kind people I have ever had the pleasure to be associated with.  Here are some of my favourite photos I took along the way.

image9 Salisbury MD-9 Garden of th Gods-3 Garden of th Gods-4 Chattanooga-3 Chattanooga, TN Tour ABQ-5 ABQ, NM Daytrotter Session-12 Holyland - Waterbury, CT Hidalgo TX-5 Cathedral of Junk - Austin TX-2 Collings Factory-8 Fort Myers-4 Columbus, OH Longview TX San Antonio 10 Atlanta-5 Atlanta-19 Milwaukee


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