Blue Man Group Tour 2015 – Milwaukee, WI

City: Milwaukee, WI
Distance travelled: 661 miles
Total distance: 16,567 miles
Theatre: Marcus Center Uihlein Hall




I have visited Milwaukee a couple of times over the years but only for a day or an evening.  It was great to spend a little longer there as it truly is a fun city to hang out in.  It has a great music and arts scene and it is actually quite picturesque along the river which winds through the downtown area.


While we were there fellow Blue Man, Brian, and I got whisked away to the local TV studios to do an interview.  As usual, every one there was very lovely and welcoming and they even had a table tennis table in the lobby!

Milwaukee-4 Milwaukee-3

I was lucky to have my good friend from Chicago, Bobby, come into town and visit me he and I have been a friends a long time and in that time Bob has always wanted to ride a horse…so we did.  I was not in the first show on the Saturday so Bobby found a place a few miles outside town for us to get on a horse.  It was great and much less formal than I expected.  Our instructor was lovely and basically said to Bob get on and go. Before the end of our ride we were all trotting and cantering.


Milwaukee-5 Milwaukee-6

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