Blue Man Group Tour 2015 – Columbus, OH

City: Columbus, OH
Distance travelled: 276 miles
Total distance: 13, 700 miles
Theatre: Ohio Theater



Columbus, OH

We arrived in the early hours in Columbus and even as we walked into the hotel there was a buzz.  People were still up and about and it looked as though they had been partying.  The next morning I discovered that the NCAA division basketball championships were taking place in Columbus this weekend.  The town was packed with fans and players.  My self and Christian and Bret from our crew met up for a beer at lunch time and decided to score some tickets to the game.

Columbus-6We made our way to the arena a picked up some seats for pretty much face value from a stapler outside.  It was great.  I have only seen one basketball game before, that was the Bulls in Chicago but I think I preferred this!  The games are shorter and the there is more time allowed for each play so the build up is more fluid.  We consumed the customary hot dogs and learned the chants for the Dayton Flyers and joined in with their fans as they took on Oklahoma State.


Columbus, OH

Columbus, OHI really enjoyed Columbus.  Despite being a relatively small city, it has many, distinct and interesting neighbourhoods.  I took a walk around the Short North area and North Market and made it down to German Town to a great restaurant called Lindy’s for a drink for the birthday of one of the Blue Men, Adam.


Columbus, OH Columbus-9

We were performing at the Ohio Theater.  Yet another beautiful venue, we have been spoilt for sure!  It was a special one off show for Ohio State University.  The activities committee had bought out the show so we had a couple of thousand college students fill the theatre. It was great.  They were so welcoming and respectful.  We had a great time in the show and it was great to meet them after in meet and greet…they all said thank you, which doesn’t happen often.

I would definitely like to visit Columbus again.  It is such a hospitable, vibrant place.

Columbus, OH Columbus-2 Columbus-3

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