Blue Man Group Tour 2015 – Waterbury, CT

City: Waterbury, CT
Distance travelled: 826 miles
Total distance: 8,004 miles
Theatre: Palace Theatre


Waturybury, CT

Waturybury, CT-2If we thought it was cold in Davenport we were mistaken.  Waterbury was even worse.  It dumped snow on us and sat well below freezing the whole time we were there.  The whole town seemed to be rather downtrodden by the terrible weather and we found it hard to get food late at night and even late in the afternoon as everywhere seem to close early.

I was not in the show on the Saturday night which happened to be Valentines day.  I took the opportunity to go on a date with Karly, the fiancé of our guitarist Tony.  I don’t think he minded…that much…and I was classy enough to take here to the Olive Garden.

At least the shows were successful!  And we found an interesting adventure to go on.

Just outside the town there is an abandoned theme park called Holy Land inspired by passages in The Bible.  It was not the easiest place to get to given that there was about 2 feet of snow on the ground but we made it up there.  You can read about it in my post here.

Holyland - Waterbury, CT

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