Blue Man Group Tour 2015 – Madison, WI

City: Madison, WI
Distance travelled: 142 miles
Total distance: 2,857 miles
Theatre: Overture Center


The Capitol Building, Madison, WIWe had a great time in Madison.  After a few days of back to back travel and shows it was good to be in one place for more than a day!

The theatre we played in, the Overture Centre is one of the most beautiful houses we have played to so far.  In fact, it is one of the best looking houses I have ever played.  It was great to look out from the stage and see the auditorium just keep reaching up and the sound was great in there.

CapitolWith Madison being a college town there was no shortage of places to eat and drink.  We visited the Great Dane Pub a few times during our time there and indulged in some late night pool and consumption of great tasting food.  Some of the guys that worked there even came to see the show.

Sheboygan RidgebacksHowever, Madison will be remembered for the birth of our ‘Travel Team’.  It is tradition on the tour to have travel outfits and a collective identity under which to travel when the journey is being made by plane.  The last gang was ‘The Dales’, a 4 piece travelling acapella vocal ensemble.  This time around we had the band and out musical entrustment tech in on it and we became the ‘Sheboygan Division C Third Team Reserves Rhodesian Ridgebacks’.


The Mighty Ridgebacks

Our outfits comprise of a stylish red track suit sourced by our drummer and percussionist Anthony Riscica and a pair of sunglasses with the US Flag on them. Apart from mine, I have Union Flag ones!  I even went so far as to have T-Shirts printed.

Go you Mighty Ridgebacks!

Madison WI

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