Blue Man Group Tour 2015 – Toledo, OH

City: Toledo, OH
Distance travelled: 572 miles
Total distance: 2,200 miles
Theatre: Stopover, No show

Maumee Indoor Theatre

It is a long way from Salisbury, MD to La Crosse, WI so we had to split the journey up and stopped in Toledo, OH.

I managed to get a decent enough night’s sleep on the bus so I went into the hotel when we arrived in the morning and hung out for a bit before heading out to watch a movie with our company manager, Jack.

Which ever small town I am in I always try to patronise local independent business whenever I can.  Today I struck lucky as Jack and I found a beautiful old movie theatre which has been open since 1946 and a bar, Dales Bar and Grill which has been open for over 85 years.

Toledo OH-5Our journey didn’t start off that well as after waiting nearly 30 minutes for our cab to arrive as he went to the wrong hotel our driver asked us if we knew about the $15 dollar minimum for the journey.  We did not.  Anyhow we arrived at the Maumee Indoor Theatre and made our way inside to buy our tickets.

They were $2.50 each! $2.50!  I don’t think I have ever gone to the movies that cheaply.  Everyone who worked there was friendly and helpful and just to look at the building and the marquee alone was worth $2.50.  The place has operated as a movie theatre since 1946 but unlike so many other independent theatres it has survived because it has been able to adapt.  Local businesses hold seminars there and theatre groups put on plays there.

Toledo OH

Toledo OH-2They guys at the theatre recommended Dale’s Bar for a bite to eat.  We were not disappointed.  Great food and service and again, a localToledo OH-3 business which has been part of the community for decades.  They even encourage you to drop your peanut shells on the floor.


It was back on the bus for the rest of the journey to La Crosse, WI at 8pm that night.



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