Blue Man Group Tour 2015 – Salisbury, MD

City: Salisbury, MD
Distance travelled: 691 miles
Total distance: 1,628 miles
Theatre: Wicomico Youth & Civic Center Arena
Seats: 3000

Wicomico Youth & Civic Center Arena


I think tour fever is starting to set in.  I have left it a couple of days to write this and already I have forgotten where I was, how I got there and what I did.  Fortunately I took a few photos so I am able to piece it together.

It was a long drive for our driver, Mark, from East Lansing to Salisbury.  We arrived in the morning and made our way into the hotel.  We had no show that day so I took a cab into the town to have a look around.  My cab driver, Mo, was a really friendly guy.  I think he had only one tooth but a wealth of knowledge about the area and where to go.  I grabbed lunch at the place he recommended, which I now forget the name of and took a stroll around the town.

It was quite.  Really quiet.  It was the middle of the day Monday, but still, it was quiet.  Most of the shops were shut, it was like a ghost town.  I then realised it was MLK day, a public holiday so my fears that the town had been abducted by aliens were unfounded.

The Carriage HouseACourt House/Fallout Sheltergain, there were some cool buildings around the town and being on the East coast, they were old.  Well, old by American standards.  The Carriage house was built in 1902.  I am not sure what it does now but I assume it has something to do with carriages and horses at one point and the Wicomico Court House apparently also housed at nuclear fallout shelter.  I guess you still can never be too careful.

The show the next day was not without its ups and downs.  The Mighty Crew of the NAT tour had a tough day loading in.  Due to some unforeseen problems they were way behind by the time we arrived at the venue to soundcheck.   I don’t know how they did it but they managed to overcome some pretty major obstacles and we put on a great, albeit, slightly adapted show.

After the show we had some of the best local catering I have experienced so far and hit the road back to the Midwest!

County Court House

County Trust Bank Building

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