On the Road – Blue Man Tour 2015

…And I am on the road again, this time, I am actually ‘on the road’.

Blue Man GroupI am joining the second half of Blue Man Group’s National Tour 2015

I had a great Christmas in Chicago.  It was such a treat to do the show in the theatre which used to be my home base with so many of my good friends but it seems I am escaping just in time.  Today the temperature dropped to way below zero, -27C with the windchill.  It will be a little warmer in Nashville, thank goodness.

In the next 4 months I will be performing in 32 different cities all over North America.  Having worked with most of the band and Blue Men and some of the crew before I am excited to reconnect with some old friends but also to get to work with some new ones.  Much of the travelling I will be doing will be by tour bus.  Very rock and roll!  Often we will be driving overnight after a show to the next city to get ready for the next performance, occasionally we will jump on a plane to the next city.

My first stop is Nashville, one of my favourite places….



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