A new song for Songs on Sunday

I have been working on a project with some friends of mine for a year or so now. it is called Songs on Sunday The concept is simple.  We write, record, produce and release a new song every week.  However, the collaborators are based all over the world and the whole thing is done via the internet.

My friend Jordan Woods Robinson began the project a couple of years ago and it has grown to include 20 or so collaborators who, each week, contribute to the track.

We are currently running a Summer session of 14 songs and one of mine was up for collaboration a few weeks ago…so here it is.


5 thoughts on “A new song for Songs on Sunday

  1. I love the brushes on the snare! I have thought to myself that I should try to write a new song a day. Then thought, well, maybe just write a portion of a song a day. The truth of the matter is music is not really immediate for me for expression as much as drawing a picture is..still though, i am making an excuse. What an awesome idea you guys have to collaborate thru the internet. Inventive and welldone!

  2. Dan, what an amazing song. All the songs are beautiful! So relaxing and wonderful to listen to. Keep up the great work! You really need to make a CD. I will buy a bunch for friends and family!! Ontario, Canada loves you!!

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