Gone to Carolina – Day 6 & 7 Baltimore and NYC – School of Rock Rocks!

Sunday 27th and Monday 28th April 2014

Day 6 & & Wrightsville Beach to Baltimore  to NYC

8 + 5 hours – 600 miles – 7 States NC+VA+DC+MD+PA+NJ+NY

We managed to drag ourselves up and out of bed in time for breakfast outside.  It was a definitely a sunglasses-on-inside morning.  We bumped into a couple of people who had been at the wedding, some of whom had shut the bar down with us the night before and we were all in the same boat!  We had a long day of driving ahead of us so after a quick goodbye to a few people, we were out the door and on our way to Baltimore.

NYC - NC - Apr 2014-3

We didn’t have time to stop and see the sights on this leg.  We had a gig to get to.  Our friend, the lovely Melody Easton, is the boss of the Baltimore chapter of the School of Rock.  She and her team teach kids how to be rock stars.  They run classes for kids of all ages teaching them bass, drums, guitar, vocals, throwing televisions out of windows.  You know, the usual stuff.  We arrived a little late for see Melody play in the staff band but saw the kids play and they were brilliant.

NYC - NC - Apr 2014-23

We grabbed a bite to eat and a drink after then show hit the sack…it has been a long day.

Melody took us out for breakfast in the morning before we finally headed off and back to New York.

The traffic was terrible as we came in to the city and it took a lot longer to get back than we thought but we eventually made it.  It had been quite the week.  Foamhenge, exploding turkeys, ping pong, beaches, pools, lots and lots of miles and a wedding!  It was great to see some more of the country, particularly such a beautiful part as the Blue Ridge Parkway.  the trip has certainly inspired me to go back and see some more of it.

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