Gone to Carolina – Day 2 DC to the Meadows of Dan – Behold, Foamhenge

Wednesday 23rd April 2014

Day 2 Washington DC to Meadows of Dan,

5 hours –  240 miles – 2 States DC, VA

We hit the road grabbed breakfast on the way.  Today we were heading to the Blue Ridge Parkway, a beautiful road through the hills and the mountains of Virginia and North Carolina.  It never really dawned on me until we were on it and my ears started popping just how high up we were.  It meant that there were some incredible views out over the valleys

Katie, Dan, View

I think we picked a great time of year to make the drive.  There were wonderful blue skies but it was not too hot and it was interesting to see the temperature rise and the trees and plants get greener as we made our way further South.  It was like we got further into spring as we went.

Our ultimate destination for the day were the Meadows of Dan.  There was no way we could not stop there seeing as they had taken the trouble to name the whole area after me however, before we got to experience the glory of my meadows, we made a stop at one of the best sights I had ever seen….Foamhenge.


I came across this place when I was doing some research for the trip and couldn’t believe that a place like this actually existed, that somebody would spend 6 weeks of their life building a life size, exact, replica of Stonehenge made entirely out of polystyrene.  We were not disappointed.

NYC - NC - Apr 14-5

The site itself is easy to miss.  We figured there would be sign posts from miles away directing you to this wondrous place but no, only the most dedicated of travellers, the most observant of journeymen are worthy to happen across this pseudo-ancient monument.  In our case it ended up with me spotting the ‘stones’ at the top of the hill, screaming at the top of my voice and Katie slamming on the breaks so we could make the turning in time.

Once we were there, and over the fact that this bizarre attraction actually exists, there is something quite impressive about the whole thing.  Somebody has taken a lot of time and effort to create this place.  It is dedicated, in part, to a friend of the the creator who died and is set on a hill looking out across a beautiful valley.  We had the place to ourselves and I found the whole experience very peaceful.  I even enjoyed the friendly warning from the owner that he sometimes hides and watched people look at his creation and if he sees anyone scratching or defacing any of the stones he will do the same to your car!

Anyway, after all that excitement I needed to eat.  I had seen online that there was a place near by called The Pink Cadillac Diner and that it had a giant gorilla holding an aeroplane  outside.  It was clearly an experience that could not be missed.  Due to my dubious directions we ended up driving 10 minutes out of the way along the highway before we found it but it was worth it!


Pink Cadillac Diner

Pink Cadillac Diner

There he was, in all his glory.  The gorilla holding the plane.  After a cup of coffee and my country fried steak (not something I need to experience again) it was time to hit the road.

we decided to keep to the highway for a while to make up some time so we would not arrive at the bed and breakfast where we were staying too late.

We were met by Shep who gave us the run down of the facilities and directed us to a place to eat.  We had to leave quickly to get there else it would be closed.  It is a very laid back style of life down here, no 24 hour diners, discotheques or the like for the ‘young people to enjoy’.  We at at a great local restaurant where I had some of the best peach cobbler a have ever had.

Everyone is so friendly and polite down here.  I believe there is such a thing as Southern Hospitality.  I have no idea what they say when you are out of earshot but they cannot do enough for you.

Anyway, it was early to bed as we were to be on the road early again in the morning.  Tomorrow – Asheville and Moogfest!

One thought on “Gone to Carolina – Day 2 DC to the Meadows of Dan – Behold, Foamhenge

  1. These views are very scenic, Katie. Looks like you & Dan are having a great time. I am so happy. -Mom

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