The Jackie O Show with Victor & Penny

Recently my group of friends was shocked to hear the news that one of our most beautiful among us had been diagnosed with Cancer.  The pesky thing, not content with making home in her breast, had decided you get up, wander around and settle in her lungs as well.  Despite being confirmed as ‘triple positive’, meaning that she should respond well to treatment, there is still a long road ahead.

A long health insurance-less road.

The thing is about having a large and caring group of friends such as we have, is that news like this affects each one of us.  Obviously I am not saying that is it as difficult for anyone else as it is for Jackie but I am not surprised at all but the outpouring of love, support and concern that has come from our ‘gang’.

With that in mind, two of the gang, Erin McCrane and Jeff Freling  were on tour through Chicago with their brilliant ‘antique pop’ act Victor and Penny a couple of weeks ago and put on a show at Simon’s Tavern in Andersonville to benefit Jackie.

The night was filled fun, love and laughter and although Jackie couldn’t be there herself, she was there in spirit.  I had the honour of sitting in with Erin and Jeff and singing to Jackie while she was on the end of a phone bawling her eyes out!

A tidy some of money was raised but there is still a long and expensive way to go.  If you can spare a dollar or pound or two or three or ten or twenty please do.  If you know somebody that would like to help in some way please, please do.  If you are unable to help financially but are able to share Jackie’s story so that other people may read about her and help, please do.

The link to Jackie’s blog is here.  Spread the word.

Here are a few photos that I took that night.  You can click through to the site to view them or look at the slide show below.  It is possible to download digital copies of the photos here, which you are more than welcome to do for free.  However, if you decide to buy hard copy prints, any money that I make will go straight to the Jackie O fund.

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