I have funny friends!

I have some really funny friends.  It is true.  And occasionally I get to seem them to great things.

At Entertaining Julia at the Town Hall Pub in Chicago the other week my friends Danielle and Tiff Puterbaugh, otherwise known as the Puterbaugh Sisterz, hosted an awesome night of comedy and music.

Top of bill was Beth Stelling.  Beth, The Puterbaugh Sisterz and my band The Gentlemen’s Club were all around when Entertaining Julia started back in the day 4 years ago (by another very funny friend of mine, Jena Friedman) and it has continued to go from strength to strength.  I took a few photos that night (as well as sing a couple of songs myself with Bobby and Sam Minelli) and they are below.

Beth moved out to LA a year ago and this was her first time back since then.  It turned out that a few days before she had found out that she was to appear on the Conan O’Brian Show the next day for her TV debut.

It is awesome to see your friends do well and a few of us gathered in our local bar to see her on the TV. It was awesome!

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