It’s been a while……

Ok, so i have not posted anything in the last few months.  Laziness is only part of the excuse.  Living on a cruise ship has its limitations as far as internet communication goes.  Anyhow, I will be posting details of my exploits throughout the Caribbean, across the Atlantic Ocean around the Mediterranean very soon.  Just a few of the highlights includes,

Watching Blue Whales in the Azores

Riding quad bikes across St Martin

Picking lobsters on Pinel Island

Sailing through the Straights of Gibraltar with Europe one side of me and Africa on the other

Sailing round St Martin on a catamaran

Driving a speed boat around the Island of Capri

Sipping coffee in the street cafes of Cannes

Eating some of the best pizza in the world in Naples…..

…I could go on!! but you will have to wait and see until i pull my finger out and get some of this stuff up online!



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