The Lighthouse Hike – Nassau, The Bahamas

Once upon a time a group of friends sailed in to the port of Nassau in the Bahamas every week and every week they saw the same lonely lighthouse situated all on it’s own at the very end entrance of the harbour.  For years they came and went every week and saw that same lonely […]

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Whale Watching in the Azores

Although this happened a couple of months ago now (I have been very lazy with my blogs lately, despite the fact that I have done some amazing things….I will rectify!) I still feel the need to share it. Seven days into an 11 day transatlantic crossing the ship I was on stopped in the Azores […]

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It’s been a while……

Ok, so i have not posted anything in the last few months.  Laziness is only part of the excuse.  Living on a cruise ship has its limitations as far as internet communication goes.  Anyhow, I will be posting details of my exploits throughout the Caribbean, across the Atlantic Ocean around the Mediterranean very soon.  Just […]

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