So, I finally made it to Bangkok. I was fortunate enough to be upgraded to business class so had the best sleep on a plane I have ever had on a flat bed. (thank you Mrs Stone and Mr Rawson).


I got off the plane and decided to treat myself to a limousine to the city to meet Ed. It was to cost about £20 not too bad for what turned out to be an hour journey. I was lead out past a row of silver mercedes c and e classes to the end of the line, where stood a silver London cab! Not quite what I had in mind but it would do.

I made it to the arranged meeting point and had a wander around to find an Internet cafe to let Ed know I was there.


An hour passed….as did a huge rain storm.


After a while it appeared that I was actually in the wrong place! Surprise surprise! Thankfully Ed found me and picked me up!

Check out the video he made of the whole event!

After that it was all about a place to stay. We found a ‘modest’ hotel with clean sheets, hot water and air-conditioning for about £12.
We are staying in one of the more touristy areas but that suits us for now as it is close to food and Internet.

My first impressions of Bangkok? Crazyville! People everywhere (although where we are at the moment it is mainly full of 18-25 year old White kids!), colours everywhere, noise, smells (most good, some not so good). Every sense is overloaded!

We have come out tonight to eat. I had a fantastic green curry. I have to say that food has helped me a lot, I was not feeling at my best an hour ago after a long flight. Enjoying a pepsj at this very minute, listening to some fantastic blues played by a guy with a guitar and sang by girl with a tambourine.

On the agenda for tomorrow:
Visit Eloise’s friend – will explain more tomorrow
Get measured up for suits
See the grand palace
Eat more
Take it all in

This post was brought to in in part by:
Sudafed daytime
A lot of tissues
Cheeky upgrades
Waiting in the wrong place
Good food!


2 thoughts on “Bangkok=crazyville

  1. I was a bit worried when I heard Ed was “off to get a shake” but it was all ok in the end. Shake looked tasty too…

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