Blue Man Group Tour 2016 – Wichita, KS

City: Wichita, KS
Distance travelled: 319 miles
Total distance: 24,115 miles
Theatre: Century II Performing Arts Center


I had the strangest experience when I arrived in Wichita.  We had driven from Columbia, Missouri where we had had a stopover the day before and arrived in the hotel around 4 or 5 am.  I felt the bus stop when we first arrived but didn’t get off right away assuming, as is often the case, that the bus would be parked somewhere near the entrance to the hotel. This was NOT the case on this occasion!  I woke up, got off the bus with my luggage and found myself in a parking lot at the back of the convention centre which is adjacent to the hotel.  If figured there must be a back entrance so made my way to the massive building ahead of my with the Hyatt sign on the side of it.  I got there to find there was no back entrance so proceed to stumble in my half asleep state down the hill and through the trees next to the building to the walkway next to a river.  I walked along a ways but still could find no entrance to the hotel.  By now I was pretty mad and disoriented so I decided to head back to the bus and start again.  I made my way along the river this time without clattering through the trees.  20 minutes after I first got up I found the entrance to hotel just yards away from where I ended up the first time I walked along the river.  After that I crawled into bed and back to sleep!

While we were in Wichita I got to go to the local children’s museum and see the Blue Man Group Making Waves exhibit.  We went and spoke to a group of children about being a Blue Man and played in the exhibit, needless to say we all had a great time behaving like children for the morning!

At the same time in the museum they have an exhibit about the history of the guitar.  My favourite example among all the incredible guitars they had on display was the air guitar!


On our way in to Wichita we had stopped for the day in Columbia, MO.  A few of us decided to head out to the near by state park to take in the scenery.  It was incredible. We spent the afternoon hiking round Rock Bridge Memorial State Park and made our way to the devils icebox, one section of a large network of caves.

Columbia-2 Columbia-4 Columbia

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