Blue Man Group Tour 2016 – Ames, IA

City: Ames, IA
Distance travelled: 902 miles
Total distance: 23,191 miles
Theatre: Stephens Auditorium


It was an early flight out of Bozeman but the view at the gate while we were waiting was breath taking.  When we sat down to wait for our flight it was dark and then, gradually, as the sun rose the mountains came into view




We were staying out in the sticks a little  on the edge of town so we didn’t get to explore much of the city but Jack, our tour manager, did arrange for us to have a bowling and laser tag night at the place next to our hotel, so that was a lot of fun

Steven and I were taken to nearby DesMoines to do a TV interview in the afternoon which was fun and we got to explore the sculpture park near the studios


I had the pleasure of doing  Q&A for some of the audience before the show that night as it was my night off.  It was fun to talk to the people who came to see our show and find out how excited they were to see it.


I think the highlight of our time in Ames, though, was the Kinky Rhino show at the local bar.  They managed to sell out the venue and we all went a long to support!



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