Blue Man Group Tour 2016 – Bozeman, MT

City: Bozeman, MT
Distance travelled: 204 miles
Total distance: 22,289 miles
Theatre: Brick Breeden Field House


Bozeman was another one nighter but this one sticks in my memory a little more than other cities we only played one show in mainly because of the scenery.

After the bus ride in from Idaho Falls I couldn’t sleep so I was up by about 7 am.  I decided to walk to a coffee shop about half a mile away across a sea of parking lots the other side of our hotel.  I was blown away by the view.


We were surrounded by mountains in almost every direction.  It was quite incredible to see and the sunset was quite incredible.

Bozeman Bozeman-4

We played the show that night in arena, the size of which I haven’t seen on tour before.  It was enormous, large enough to house an indoor running track.


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