Blue Man Group Tour 2016 – Arcata, CA

City: Arcata, CA
Distance travelled: 141 miles
Total distance: 21,304 miles
Theatre: John Van Duzer Theatre


I had been looking forward to our one night engagement in Arcata as we were only about 45 minutes from the Redwood National Forest.  I had been trying for years to see those enormous trees and at last I was able to tick that off my list!

The four Blue Men set out in the morning for Orick and the entrance to the park and after a short stop in the visitors centre to get our bearings we were on our way.  We drove to a few different locations and made short hikes at each place.

The scale of the trees is almost overwhelming and after a while it is hard to put it all in perspective.  It is only when you stand in front of one and try and wrap your hands around the trunk that you can really get a feel for just how enormous they are!

It was such a relaxing day.  We stopped for lunch in a town called Trinidad on our way back to the hotel and then headed out to the theatre to do the show.

We were performing on the campus of Humboldt State University.  The campus itself was really nice to look at, almost like a movie set.  It was one of the smallest houses I have played on tour but I loved it. It reminded me of some of the old theatres in London and we were so much closer to the audience so it really helped up connect with them.

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