Blue Man Group Tour 2016 – Redding, CA

City: Redding, CA
Distance travelled: 236 miles
Total distance: 21,163 miles
Theatre: Redding Civic Center


Another one nighter.  Another whirlwind stop.  The Redding Civic Centre is quite an imposing building set in the midst of some beautiful surroundings.  I quite enjoyed the brutalist look of the concrete structure.


I was not in the show for the one performance we had here so I went and took a walk to the nearby Sacrimento river and saw the beautiful Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay which spans it.  Bridge is built as an actual sundial and you can tell the time by it.  However, it was cloudy and eventually very rainy when I was there so I did’t get to see much!

Redding-2 Redding-3 Redding-4


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