Blue Man Group Tour 2016 – Bakersfield, CA

City: Bakersfield, CA
Distance travelled: 959 miles
Total distance: 20,724 miles
Theatre: Rabobank Arena


We flew in to Bakersfield the day before the show and arrived in enough time to sit by the pool for a while before the sun disappeared.  The warm Californian weather was a real treat.  I even managed to squeeze in a movie that night.  I managed to get a look around the next day and really enjoyed it.  It just so happened that Merle Haggard had died the day before and he was from very near Bakersfield so there were a few places around town paying tribute to him.


I came across a cool old diner that had the best milkshakes!  I love these kinds of places.  We don’t really have anything like it back in the UK so I grew up seeing these kinds of restaurants in the movies.  I always choose to sit at the counter in a diner and this one was one of the longest I have ever seen!


Steven managed to find a brilliant 4 feet long ‘surf’ ukulele in the antiques store next to the diner and we spent a while in there chatting with the lady who runs the place.  She like, every one else in the town was really friendly.

We pretty much sold out the show that night. and then it was on to Modesto!

Bakersfield-3 Bakersfield-7 Bakersfield-6 Bakersfield-5 Bakersfield-2


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